Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow Day...

Who would have thought it would actually snow here hard enough so that it covered the ground? I was so excited I raced out to catch photos for proof...

A few hours later in the backyard it's winter wonderland, the bamboo had touched down!

The next morning as the sun came up.

Our street, the prettiest it's ever looked!

It was such a heavy snow, my poor trees!

Hubby was the only one who intentionally braved laying in it to make a snow angel.

That is the look of someone who is getting ready to nail you with a big snow ball!

Poor yard kitty had a hat of snow! Brrrr!

Perfect time for a fire don't you think? Next time will have to remember to put some wood in a dry area prior to the freak snowstorm!

Tree limbs leaning on the roof.

The bamboo was hurting from the weight of the snow. Most of it has pulled back up now that the snow has melted.

Checking out the snowman daddy made for us.

The little one's were more excited about the huge rushing streams of water made by the melting snow. Gotta love stomping in the puddles!
It was a fun and exciting 24 hours of snow we have a little bit left today but it is quickly melting. We had 6 inches total which was the first big snow in about 20 years for our town. We enjoyed it immensely even if our shrubbery didn't!
Happy Valentine's Day!

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