Thursday, February 11, 2010

Brrr...We're Ready for the Spring Thaw...

Yesterday, after a few too many days inside, the little one decided to find a new toy to play with. I walked into her room after hearing this little voice repeating "mommy, mommy, mommmeeee!" only to not know where the voice was coming from. Until I noticed that her changing pad was wiggling on the floor.

I was able to run out and grab the camera in time to catch her still playing in it.

It then became the fun item for the day!

Totally busted her later on the coffee table, that's a big no-no!

After getting the boot from the table she decided the couch was a good spot!

Basking in the sunlight.

On the move again, this time Elmo was coming with...

Guess Elmo wanted to read a book and have an extra cushion for the tush!

Where is she? I don't see her! Her way of hiding!

Contemplating Life

Trying to find the most comfortable position.

What a tough life!

Today, in an act of desperation a.k.a no nap in 2 days due to lack of energy burning activities
I took her to the mall. Since it is too cold to be outside I thought we could go walk where there was heat and she could ride on the quarter burning rides.

After 2 rides with Mickey Mouse and a half of a tractor ride she was over it. Fortunately our mall has a play area that I had never noticed before. I'm positive that there was a time where I would have thought to myself "When I have a kid I will never let her play there, Yuck! Imagine all of germs and filth!" Well, times are a changing!

I will admit it was not the cleanest, but the little one loved it! We were the only people there at first but then a really nice woman showed up with her 2 year old daughter and a sleeping 10 month old boy. The girls hit it off and played for over an hour, several other kids came and went so it was a lot of fun for her. It also helped that the little girl's mom wasn't a whack job so that we were able to chat while the girls played. There really is nothing better that adult conversation when you have been inside with only a toddler to talk to for several days in a row!
I know spring is right around the corner but it can not come soon enough! We are ready to play OUTSIDE!!!!

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Karen said...

What's with the heavy breather dog in the background?!