Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The little swimmer...

In preparation for the upcoming summer, hubby and I decided that it was time for the little lady to start swim lessons. She loves to go in the pool and the ocean but it is definitely time to break the habit of depending on floaties. I signed her up for the preschool beginner class at our local Y. I was pleased when we arrived and there was only one other little one enrolled, making it almost like a private lesson. The other little one's mommy told me that the instructor was good and that she would push the girls to try hard, which is great for little miss stubborn.
She loved the fact that she got to play with Nemo. The teacher would toss it out and then little lady had to swim out to get it.

Practicing floating on her back.

Getting ready to blast off...

Splash down!
 Hopefully little lady will continue to enjoy swim lessons as much as she did today. It won't be long before it is warm enough to hit the pool!

In other news, little man is now one month old and we all managed to survive.

Like his jammies say he is So Cute! He also weighs in at 11 lbs now on our scale at home. I'm not even sure little lady weighed that at 3 months!

Monday, March 26, 2012

I thought this was a 2 1/2 bath house...

The upstairs bathroom demolition went so well you can't even tell that there was ever even a bathroom there.  

All that remains are the light fixtures.
The toilet and the old tub are now hanging out in the the other half of the attic. The tub will have to be cut in half to get it out of the house. So that is a project for a later date.
Hubby removed a small linen closet from the hallway, which will create the new entrance to the bathroom. Next step is for the plumber to come and add the pipes to be able to put in a new tub, toilet and sinks. Hubby will be framing up new walls to expand the bathroom and close off the original doorway.
Little lady points out a preview of what I've been working on. The downstairs master bath toilet is now sitting in the middle of the bedroom floor. I have had a good time busting out tile and pulling apart trim the last two days. Although my arms by the end of the day tell a different story...

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Let the Destruction/Reconstruction Begin...

We closed on our new/ old house yesterday morning and by afternoon progress on projects had already been made. It is amazing when you have a hubby who loves a good project, and has been unable to work on any projects for several months, what can get done in less than 24 hours. I feel sure the only reason hubby agreed to this house is because in every room there is a project to be had.
It all started with the little lady's room. In order to have the kid's rooms less toxic smelling by the time we moved in hubby decided it would be best to tackle those first.

Little lady even got in on the action and helped hubby paint her new room. She chose a lovely light pinkish purple color.

The next project for her room is to update the built in desk and pegboard wall behind it. The desk will definitely be getting a fresh coat of paint and new drawer pulls. A new laminate top might be a good inexpensive update, its a sort of hideous dirty peachy color now. Still mulling over solutions for the pegboard.

The yard at the house is in full bloom. There are tons of interesting plants and everyday something new is uncovered. Little lady is obsessed with picking flowers. When I say obsessed I really mean it, she is constantly begging to go outside and pick more or screaming for help to pick blooms that are out of reach.

Laundry Room/ Mudroom Before

With half the wood paneling removed, the tile floor will remain. The plumber will be updating a few things in here before work continues.
The mudroom initially was going to be the first project fully completed. After a visit from the plumber it was decided that it would be in the best interest of all parties to start on the bathroom remodels before we actually move in. So that our family of four would not be using the bushes for a bathroom and having to use the hose out back to bathe. The plan is to gut two of the three bathrooms in hopes to have one usable one in time for us to move in by the end of April. Let's all keep our fingers crossed.
This is the upstairs bathroom, it will be used mainly by the little lady and little man. I am REALLY going to miss this lovely bathroom. Just kidding, there is not a thing in this bathroom that doesn't make me want to puke!

Who doesn't love a peach tub?!

Or a faux gold trimmed sink?

Or my personal favorite, the most beautiful tile floor. It reminds me of school cafeteria tile.

Little man said just thinking about that hideous bathroom wore him out. his job for the day was to hold down the floor in the dining room. He excelled at that!

When I left for the day hubby had made great progress already. The sinks and a good portion of the tile had disappeared.
A few hours later, all the tile, the toilet, the vanity cabinets were all gone. What remains is the tub and quite a bit of wire mesh and mortar. The task for tomorrow is to get all that out and start the next bathroom demo. So stay tuned...


Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Wonderful Surprise...

I was completely delighted when I opened my mailbox yesterday and found a package from a friend/former co worker inside.
Knowing where it came from I knew exactly what it would be...

An awesome new diaper bag for little man! This picture does not do it justice because you really can't tell how pretty the green and chocolate material is that it is made out of.
It is totally adorable! It also is filled with tons of pockets made with matching polka dot material. My friend's Aunt makes these bags, and she does such a wonderful job. I am thrilled that my friend was kind enough to gift me with such an incredible bag!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Because seven days was just too damn long...

To go without visiting the pediatricians office!

Little one went to bed last night with the start of what we suspected might be pink eye and sure as shit when she woke up this morning her left eye was completely sealed shut with the nastiest snot looking stuff. You all are lucky I took the picture after I spent 10 minutes cleaning it out with a warm wash cloth.

As we had suspected it is indeed pink eye but unfortunately because the the skin around her eye is redder than the eye itself the doctor was worried it might be the start of some cellulitis, so instead of eye drops we get the pleasure of using 10 days worth of oral antibiotics. Yippee!

Fortunately the doctor said as long as we see improvement overnight, with three doses of antibiotics in her she is safe to go back to school in the morning. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

First Milestones...

Yesterday was little man's two week well check and with that we hit our first milestone. He is now back to his orginal birth weight, whoohoo!

He also made it through an entire appointment without peeing or pooping on anyone!

In other exciting news after several months of swollen hands from pregnancy...
my rings finally fit again! Whoohoo!!!!

Friday, March 9, 2012

First Sick Visit

Nine days old, little man wakes up with a crusty eye. As the day went on it turned from crusty to goopy. Yuck! So off to the the pediatricians office we went. After christening the entire exam table with his pee out of anger over his temperature being taken the very nice doctor we saw determined that the most likely cause of the grotesque eye goop was a blocked tear duct. Armed with a prescription for eye ointment and instructions on how to massage the tear duct he is already on the mend.

Little man recovering yesterday with an eye full of medicine.

On a lighter note,
Big sister just loves to hold little man. Hubby helped to get them situated and then she says to me "Take our picture now!" 

Now if only we could get her to change his diapers!

Monday, March 5, 2012

The First Week

It has been a very hectic week since the birth of little one #2 so this will be a short post as my brain is tired.

Born at 5:42 am ~9lbs1.5oz aka Big Ass Baby!

Love this picture! Big Sister meeting Little Brother for the first time!

Sweet little baby hand.

Seven days old, giving his tough guy face. :)