Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday Stuff...

This morning the little one and I went into town, Saturday's are pretty active in the small downtown area where we live because we have a great small farmers market in the mornings. The little one and I picked up a delicious loaf of cinnamon raisin bread from the Rococo bakery that has a stand there. Yummy!
Today was also the annual book sale for the town library. The Timrod Library is a private library in a cute little historic building in town. We scored this barely used Elmo book that makes noises and a classic little Bert and Ernie book for the little one. She carried the Elmo book around the whole time!
I also managed to find some Japanese flower arranging books for mom for the bargain price of 50cents apiece! (Mom- hope you don't have all of these, the driftwood book has some really neat pics!)
I got myself a few fiction books also for bargain prices! Love a good book sale!
After the trip into town I attempted to take another stab at getting the little one's picture taken in her Halloween costume so I can finish the Halloween cards. This time I had hubby as reinforcement but as you can see the princess was in no mood to to pose.

Hope you all are having a great Saturday!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Picture Phone Friday...

Random pics from the cell phone...
On the Big Kid's Swing

I Think I Have a New Tooth Coming In!

That's A Big Burrito!

Cracking Herself Up!

Improper Use Of Toys!

Happy Friday!!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Shoeless Wonder and Another Reason I love Publix...

Today started out very uneventfully as most days here have of late. We ran a few errands around town and then headed to Publix for a few things. Publix has now become my absolute favorite grocery store to shop. I was a die hard Harris Teeter fan until we moved to our current location. The closest Harris Teeter is 23 miles away (roughly 35 minutes). So it is totally unreasonable for me to shop there. When we moved in to our current home they had just completed a brand new Publix 5 minutes from our house and it is FABULOUS!!! Beside the fact that it is super clean, you can score some great deals especially using coupons (love their 1 cent mystery item each week) but most importantly their customer service ROCKS!
Today when the little one and I arrived home from our outing I went to retrieve her out of the back seat and I noticed that she only had one shoe on! I proceed to then ransack my car searching for it only to discover that it was not anywhere to be found. As you can see from the above photo although the shoe is a very small kids shoe it is bright ass pink and has Dora the Annoying Explorer on the side screaming at you saying "hey! here I am!", it's an item that just screams hard to lose. Well somehow we lost it, she had it on when I put her in the car seat but then it magically disappeared on the drive home. WTF?
At this point the only thing I can think is that the poor lonely right shoe is somewhere in the Publix parking lot. By this time it is time for little one's lunch so it is not feasible to jump back in the car and go shoe hunting. So I decided to call the store and see if anyone had turned it in and basically put out a missing person report on the shoe. I call Publix, my head hanging with embarrassment, and explain to the customer service girl my dilemma. I could tell she was trying hard not to laugh, who wouldn't laugh if you got that phone call? She kindly asked me to hold and she would have someone check for me. A few minutes later she returned to say yes they had found a pink shoe and they would have it at customer service for me. Awesome!
So this afternoon after the shoeless wonder wakes up from nap we will making a second trip to the store to retrieve the shoe. Fortunately for her she loves putting her stacking
boxes on her feet, because if this happens again that's what she's going to be wearing! I'm still trying to figure out just how she managed to get the shoe off and out of the car door without me noticing!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Beach Day! Hate it for you Sister...

It is hard to believe that it is October around here! Yesterday, we hit record highs at a lovely 89 degrees! My poor sister on the other hand looked out her window this morning to this as her view!
Brrrr! I can't even remember the last time I have even seen this much snow! Although , where she lives this is just a dusting of snow but even still it is early for them to have snow.
So because we were having such great weather hubby and I thought we would pack up the bikes and head to the beach for a nice leisurely bike ride along the water, hoping that it would be a little cooler along the water. We were wrong! It is hard to believe, but I even went for a short swim in the water and it actually felt refreshing!
The little one soaking up the sand and sun!

Tiny hand prints, if you look between them you can also see faint lip prints where she had been blowing bubbles in the water!

After our bike ride we decided the best thing to do to gain back all the calories we had just burned off by having lunch at our favorite burger place Five Guys! Even the little one was happy because she got to chow down on a hot dog and sprite! Sodas are a huge treat for her!

It was so nice to be able to sneak in one last beach day for the year! I hope everyone is having a Happy Saturday!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Trying to become technologically advanced...

Thanks to a post that my friend Melissa did over on her blog, I am now trying to figure out some new software. I just happened to have been working on a new photo series for the little one's nursery which is to include black and white photo's with one object in color. My gracious sister had started to help me with my project, as she does with all of my computer projects. Truly though I exaggerate, she does the whole project and then I like to take the credit! :) So in an effort to do my own project I downloaded Picasa, free from google, to take a whack at it myself instead off guilting my sister into doing it for me! The picture below is what I am attempting to replicate.
(photo by me, editing by my sister)
My first attempt is now my new header. I am not very technologically advanced, but with Melissa's tutorial I managed to edit the one photo. I don't think it looks as good as the one my sister edited but for a first attempt I think it turned out okay. Thanks Melissa for the free software link!