Monday, June 20, 2011

Bed side table redo...

 We have recently been redecorating the little one's bedroom because she is no longer in her toddler bed but is now in her " big girl bed". One of hubby's co workers was nice enough to gift us with a really cute twin bed frame that hubby fixed up and painted. Our dilemma became what to do for a nightstand. I had an extra bed side table that had been residing in a closet in the guest room...
 Not exactly what I had in mind to go in a little girl's room but it was already paid for which made it perfect! It was my intention just to paint it white to match the bed frame and book case. Hubby fortunately had another plan in mind...

After hubby was finished it doesn't even look like the same table. He cut down the base and top of it and flipped the drawer fronts and changed the hardware.

The drawer pulls are perfect! The lavender petals match her rug and her new bedspread without being to over the top cutesie!
I have to admit it is really nice to have a hubby who knows his way around a power tool and isn't afraid to pick out little flower drawer pulls!

Monday, June 6, 2011

It's Freakin Hot!

Even the squirrels think it's to hot to do anything outside!
Caught this little guy resting on the fence the other day.