Monday, October 29, 2012

Getting Spooky...

Little lady is super excited about Halloween this year. I guess she is now old enough that she remembers and looks forward to trick or treating. What's not to love about the yummy treats?! As a special treat I decided to take her to the aquarium for a special night time kids trick or treat. She dressed as a sparkly witch.
Even the fish were in costume.

She was not thrilled about the piranha trying to chomp her head off.

This was after we took the spooky way out. She really wanted to take the spookier trail until she realized what spooky really was, they had people dressed in dark hoods jumping out. I think it unnerved her a little but she toughed it out!
 She is really looking forward to the big day, we will be carving our pumpkins tomorrow.
On another note,
 Hubby and I have come to the realization that remodeling an older house is really quite the undertaking. Even simple things like changing out light fixtures and hanging simple ceiling fans can be challenging. I am excited to say that we have however started making a dent in some of the to do list inside the house. Aside from the obvious master bathroom project that is on going,  at a standstill, can we say bathroom vanity still sitting in the living room, we have gotten several new light fixtures hung and the laundry room/ mudroom is almost complete.
Hopefully by the end of next weekend I will be able to show it off , Hubby is really working hard on it and I am loving it already.
Happy Monday!


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Double the fun...

I am now beginning to truly understand the joys of having two children. Just as little man is beginning to get over his cold little lady decides she is going to get sick too. So now in addition to  mr. wiping constant snot,  we have had ms. fever and sore throat. Whoohoo!  
If they weren't so cute I would run and hide from the cloud of germs that surrounds them.

Little lady is super excited about Halloween this year so we have been busy crafting lots of decorations while we have been home recovering.

Little man however said he was not so in to crafting. 
 Let me out of here he said.
  I'm doing hard time for spitting up on my good outfit.
Now she has me dressed in this prison jumpsuit!

Uh oh, busted with sister's hairbrush. I wonder how much time this will add to my sentence?!
 Solitary confinement! Oh no!
 Hopefully they will recover quickly this momma is getting a little stir crazy.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Shoo bird don't poop on me!

This morning the cats alerted me to a chirping coming from the fireplace. A bird had flown down the chimney and was thrashing around inside. It would chirp for a while then quiet down, the cats lost interest and I sort of forgot about it for awhile. Whatever the thing is inside the fireplace was closed hubby had assured me over the phone.

Apparently it wasn't closed because a little while later the bird came shooting out from the fireplace and flew into the sun room.   Unfortunately for the bird it picked the window furthest from the door to continually try to magically fly threw.  

There was several frantic minutes of me running around the house trying to figure out some way to get the bird out while corraling the two kids and two cats. While also fighting the urge to run screaming from the house. I like watching the birds outside eating from the feeder but flying loose in the house is a HUGE no!
 At one point there may have been a large rake involved but I finally managed to get the screen popped out of the window next to him and then I "gently" ushered him out of the window with the broom. 
Our avian visitor was the most excitement we've had around here the last few days. Little man has had a little cold so we have been lying low.

Other than a quick trip to the pediatrician for the little guy's weepy eye and snotty nose we have been fairly housebound.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It was like I was 16 all over again...

After living in NC for over a year now, I finally broke down and went to the DMV for a new license.  The real driving force was that I needed to register to vote here otherwise I probably would have put it off even longer.
On my first attempt, I scheduled an appointment only to realize that I actually had the kids social security cards in my wallet not my own. Apparently having a US passport is not as legal as a crappy paper SS card. So I had to head home therefore missing my appointed time. ARGH!

When I returned twenty minutes later, I was told it would be a 45 minute wait. Yay.
 Finally my turn arrived. I passed the vision test and sign test no problem, then came the written exam. I have not had to take the written test since I was 16. Hubby had warned me it was tougher than you would think so I had skimmed the book the night before...  
Sad but true, I failed the stupid test!
Fortunately, my wonderful babysitters were available today as well so after studying up last night I returned to the dreaded DMV this morning to retake the test.
Thank goodness, this time I passed! Woot Woot! Now I just hope my picture makes me look young again when it arrives in the mail in a few weeks. Wishful thinking on my part i'm sure.