Monday, June 20, 2011

Bed side table redo...

 We have recently been redecorating the little one's bedroom because she is no longer in her toddler bed but is now in her " big girl bed". One of hubby's co workers was nice enough to gift us with a really cute twin bed frame that hubby fixed up and painted. Our dilemma became what to do for a nightstand. I had an extra bed side table that had been residing in a closet in the guest room...
 Not exactly what I had in mind to go in a little girl's room but it was already paid for which made it perfect! It was my intention just to paint it white to match the bed frame and book case. Hubby fortunately had another plan in mind...

After hubby was finished it doesn't even look like the same table. He cut down the base and top of it and flipped the drawer fronts and changed the hardware.

The drawer pulls are perfect! The lavender petals match her rug and her new bedspread without being to over the top cutesie!
I have to admit it is really nice to have a hubby who knows his way around a power tool and isn't afraid to pick out little flower drawer pulls!

Monday, June 6, 2011

It's Freakin Hot!

Even the squirrels think it's to hot to do anything outside!
Caught this little guy resting on the fence the other day.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Busy Month Recap and the Princess Cake Debacle...

April was a crazy month for us which is why it has taken until almost mid may for me to blog. So I decided that it would be easiest to recap by going back through and picking some of my favorite photos from the month.
For my birthday hubby got me my favorite Dairy Queen ice cream cake and a sweet new zoom lens for my camera.
Little one came down with a nasty virus the week before her birthday, which involeved a Friday afternoon trip to the doctors. It took three people to hold her down so the doctor could tell us that her ears were fine and it was a virus. Hubby and I both got colds thanks to her. :)
One of my sister's came for a visit to help with little one's 3rd birthday. 
We went on a beach adventure while she was here. Here is little one recreating a scene from the movie The Birds.
We also let her white trash it up at the beach by letting her go in the water in her undies. Who would have thought she would want to swim with the water temp only in the 60s?
The birthday cake for little one's party was quite the adventure. She had specifically requested a pink princess cake. I refused to pay $50 for the grocery store version, so instead I spent probably about that much to make it. ;)  Sister and I thought it would be best to make a practice cake. I went to the craft store and bought the Wilton Wonder Cake mold  but neglected to read the instructions fully. I read the part that said use a two layer cake mix. What I did not read was the fact it said you may need 1- 2 two layer cake mixes ! Oops!
Good thing we did the practice cake! The first cake seemed teeny tiny!
The second cake was perfect!
Sister had  recently taken a cake decorating classand managed to bust out with this...
A perfect princess cake! Totally the cake I always wanted when I was little.
I will say that the practice cake was a great idea except my waistline paid the price!
It looked a lot like our little princess shown here modeling her new princess dress.
The birthday party was a big success even though it poured down rain. The kids still enjoyed the princess  jump castle
and an indoor picnic.
Hubby and I gave her a big girl bike, which at first she seemed excited about but now is refusing to touch it. Go figure.
Maybe in a few weeks she will decide that she is ready to try it again.
I will end this post with a picture of one of the four beautiful flowers my wonderful little old lady nieghbor gave to me.
She has the most randow assortment of flowering things in her yard which she loves to share.
Lucky me!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It Was A One Ring Circus...

The last circus I went to was over 20 years ago. My parents took us to see the Ringling Bros. Three Ring Circus. I remember it being pretty awesome, especially when they shot the man out of the cannon and he landed in the audience, Oops!
The Cole Brother Circus was in town over the weekend. Hubby convinced me that we really needed to take the little one to go see it. So Sunday afternoon we headed  over to the fairgrounds to check it out.
Cole Brother's is a very small circus. The girl that sold us our tickets and the girl that showed us to our seats were both in the show as acrobats. It is most definitely a one ring circus.
Our seats were fantastic, we sat in the second row, I almost felt like I could pet these guys we were so close!
Munchkin was mesmerized by all of the action!
Somehow I doubt that any of my cats would do this trick.
I'll just turn my head while you bite his arm off!
In addition to the tiger's they also had trained horses, camels and
PINK poodles!
There also were lots of humans trained to do tricks as well :)
I wouldn't want this big guy sitting in my lap.
The finale of the show for us was the elephants.
   We left shortly after because the motorcycles roared into the tent and  little one said she had had enough. The one thing she truly dislikes is the noise of loud motorcycles. Can you blame her?
All in all it was a good first circus experience for her, hubby and I enjoyed it too.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Damn Rosalina Sale, Makes Money Fly Out of My Wallet...

Today was the first day of the semi annual Rosalina sale. I had just about forgotten about it until a friend called yesterday to see if I was going. Thanks so much Melissa, I really would have been better off with out the reminder! :)
Even though little one didn't really need anything, I thought we would just go and window shop...
Here is little one showing off a new dress.
Cute red and white polka dots with green smocked design. Thought it could make a cute holiday season dress for next year but it is not so festive that it can't be worn now.
 Could not pass up this cute top and pants for this summer.
 Love the precious flower embroidery!
 There was no way I was leaving this dress on the rack.  Little one loves it too!
 LOVE the little octopus and the pink polka dots!
 I was in the middle of checking out when I turned around and saw this dress. It is so different from the usual smocked things that I had to have it too.  Who doesn't love butterfly and flower fabric?
 I also bought the little one two super cute outfits for her dolls. She is getting old enough now that she likes to change her baby doll clothes so for 2 bucks an outfit it was something cute to keep her entertained while I shopped.
Somehow my intention of looking and not buying didn't happen, damn you Rosalina for having such cute stuff this time. 

Friday, March 18, 2011

Poor Kitty and Springtime Fun...

I will start this post with an introduction of my one my outdoor kitties.
Introducing #Two aka TuTu.
 Tutu is one of the three outdoor kitties that reside in my yard. He is a sweet but skittish kitty whom over the last 4 years of living here has become one of my favorites. Since trapping him and having him neutered he has slowly come around and will even let little one hug and pet him as long as there is no attempt made to pick him up. That is a big no no. There originally were 5 kitties outside, which is why his name is #Two. At the time I couldn't be bothered coming up with that many names for cats we didn't really own.  Now that the three are members of the family I have unfortunately taken over their medical care. Can you hear Hubby cursing about the bills for cat food and the vet?
Unfortunately Tutu required a short trip to the vet yesterday. When he came round the evening before I noticed a gaping hole in his side that did not look great.  So off to the vet he went first thing yesterday morning. Taking Tutu to the vet is an experience in and of itself. When I had him neutered I wasn't even sure which cat he was I scooped up the first cat that came for breakfast and threw him in the carrier. When it came time to get him out to do the surgery he flipped out and it took 4 people and a huge comforter to get him confined for anesthesia. Lesson learned for sure. Now he gets dumped directly out of the carrier straight into the induction chamber (fish tank used to gas down a kitty) works great!
Poor guy was really pissed when he woke up and realized he looked like this...
 He was shaved that much to make sure that he didn't have more than one hole. I was worried about it being a possible bite would from our friendly opossum or raccoon that stop by on occasion. He is now the laughing stock of the neighborhood with his cool alternative haircut and almost 48 hours later the other 2 kitties are still hissing at him. Poor guy!

Spring has sprung at our house so last weekend I planted a few things.
I still feel like we may get one more cold snap so I haven't gone hog wild yet.
The little one helped me.
I caught her drinking the drops of water out of the flowers after watering.
Silly girl!
Here she proudly shows off her favorite!
I hope that Spring has found it's way to all of your houses!

My kid's happy and she knows it...

Especially when she thinks no one is watching...


Monday, March 7, 2011

Heels, Hearts and The Death of the Ch-Ch-Ch- Chia...

Had fun doing these cookies for a friend last week.
It was a bridal shower for a bride who loves shoes.  
Happy red heels.
A little added romance -cute red and purple hearts.
It was the first time I have had a chance to use my new little heart cookie cutter. I had intended on making valentine's cookies with them but unfortunately the day came and went without the time to bake them.  I think they turned out really well. I will have to plan a little better for valentine's next year.

I am finally saying goodbye to any and all hope that I may have had that my Chia Kitty
was going to grow as advertised. If you look close you can see the MOLD!
I'm not sure where I went wrong other than forgetting twice to water it I followed the instructions exactly. Such a sad Kitty.
On the upside I think it will make a great addtion to my yard.We have several kitties that hang out so why not one more?  At least this one won't pee and poop in the shrubs.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Random Craft and Cats...

Little one and I did some random crafting yesterday. We made about a half dozen  pinecone bird feeders for our yard. It was a fun and easy project that took very little time at all. The hardest part was keeping the little one from eating all of the peanut butter.

Not only have several birds already sampled them but the dog got a taste as well. Apparently, I hung one a wee bit too low as I caught her out in the back yard with the remains of one. Oops!

The backyard has now become popular not only with the birds and pinecone eating dogs but also with our outdoor kitties. For the past few years they have spent the majority of their time on our front porch, but more and more I am finding them sunning and also pooping (ARGH!!) in the backyard and back stoop. The dog loves it as she enjoys eating their scooby snacks aka cat shit but our indoor kitty is not so sure that she likes them infringing on her space and privacy.
"I think that we have a peeping tom!" she says.
"Oh my mistake he's neutered!"
Hee Hee! Sorry. A little bit of  bad veterinary humor.
Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ch Ch Ch Chia Kitty Update...

So it has been about 9 days since I planted the Chia Kitty and sad to say but it looks like Kitty has the mange.
I thought by now she would look more like this...
 Instead she looks more like this...
Yikes! Even with faithful watering and misting at the same time every day, her coat is just not what I had imagined it would be. It is very thin and scraggly looking and in some places it looks like the seeds aren't going to sprout.  Poor kitty, maybe in a few more days she will look more like she was supposed to but I'm guessing that the kitty on the box was wearing a wig!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Good thing it's non-toxic and the tale of Little Miss NO!

Little one really enjoys drawing so I picked her up a set of markers at Walmart the other day. It is still to cold to play outside so I have been forced to branch out on my indoor play ideas. Since the couch incident  I generally try to steer clear of anything that can make a mess inside the house. Outside messes, fine. Inside messes, not so much. I noticed that she came home with some pictures done in marker from school so I thought, why not?
So here is the little artist...
 And here is the reason I bought non toxic completely washable markers....
( In my own defense, I was cooking dinner and hubby was in charge! He swear's he looked away for only a moment...)
In other news we have been having a lot of visits from a little girl I like to call Little Miss NO!!! She very closely resembles our little one but has an attitude that makes you really want to put her in a box and send her back!
In her debut pictorial...
Screaming NO! I won't take off my shoes!
The angry heading to time out look, still hasn't taken off the shoes...
The I'm sad from being in time out but still not taking off the shoes look... 
 Hopefully it's just a stage and she will go back to being the sweet little girl she usually is. Although I think I can hear my mother's laughter now as she thinks to herself "This is only the beginning and payback is such a bitch!"
One last random thing to end this post...
For Christmas hubby and the little one gifted me with a Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia Pet! After all the years I have made fun off, laughed at their commercials and sang their jingle I have never actually seen in person or tried a Chia pet.  Introducing my newest pet, Chia Kitty!
This is her first picture after being freshly seeded a few days ago. It is a lot smaller than the box and the commercial make you think it is. It has started sprouting already so it will be interesting to see if I can keep it alive long enough for the coat to fill in.  Will post more pics as it grows.