Thursday, August 26, 2010

I'm sorry I thought this was a jungle-gym...

The last two mornings I have caught the little one playing with her kitchen set in a new and exciting way.
 Who said kitchens were just for cooking?

The sink also makes for a comfy chair while cooking.

Somehow I don't think that standing in the sink is recommended but it sure is much easier to reach things stacked up top!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Total Score" Moment and then a Total "Oh Shit" Moment...

 On the way to the grocery this morning a beautiful claw foot sofa caught my eye as it sat outside a consignment shop that is going out of business. I thought about stopping but then decided probably not a good idea, i didn't really need it. On the way home passed it again and thought, maybe I should stop and check the price. I was in a hurry to get home to put away the groceries that were melting away in the car so I opted not to. I got home and realized that the bagger at the store had neglected to put part of my order in the cart so off we went to retrieve it from the store. Therefore, I had to pass that beautiful sofa again. Needless to say on the 4th trip past I couldn't help myself and pulled in. I have always loved the look of this kind of sofa. She had a price on it that was reasonable but not what I wanted to pay so I offered her half. After a few minutes of bargaining we agreed on a price we both thought was fair and low and behold I am now the proud owner of a recently refurbished claw foot sofa! YEA! Total Score!
The shop owner told me she had purchased it at the estate sale of the mother of Marshall Tucker who is the front man for the Marshall Tucker band. So it does have a little back story to it, which is always interesting with any piece of old furniture.
After getting it home I went to decide where to put it when I noticed on one of the other couches we have, a small stub of red crayon. I thought "I should pick that up before it makes a mess" and that is when I noticed this...

 Can't see it well? Let me show you a close up...

 "Oh Shit!" I was a little late on my thought of not having a mess on my couch! The little one had taken red crayon to my cream colored couch! I'm not sure when she decide to be an artist on my couch, but she did own up to it when I called her in the room to ask her about it.
" Did you do this?" I asked "yes Mommy" she replied. "That is bad, you were a bad girl!" I scolded as she burst into tears! Hopefully lesson learned by both of us. For me, I need to keep a closer eye on the crayons for her it is to not draw on mommy's sofa!
Here she is shortly after the crayon incident went down.Still with a few tears in her eyes, she agreed to one photo.  Not the best moment for a photo shoot but I really wanted to get a picture of her in her new dress, to show off to you all,  that her very talented aunt just whipped up and sent to her!
It is too precious! Thanks sister! I hope to get some better pics of it when we are in a better mood and I am done washing crayon off my sofa! :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Princess cookies for a princess party....

A girlfriend of mine had a princess themed birthday party for her little girl and had asked me to make some princess themed cookies for the event. Here is what I came up with. I think they turned out really well and I look forward to making them again for my own little princess.

Large tiaras - pink glaze with purple and pink sprinkles with sugar pearls

Small tiaras - purple glaze with purple sprinkles and sugar pearls

Princess Castles - Pink glaze and pink sprinkles

Princess slippers - light red glaze with red frosting and sugar pearls

I always forget how time consuming decorating these little suckers are, my only regret was that I didn't start earlier in the day as I was up until after 10pm finishing them! The small cookie cutters came from Michael's Arts and Craft store for $3. What a bargain and so cute! They will also make good sandwich shapes for the little one's PB&J's as she won't eat a plain sandwich, they must be cut into cute shapes!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Top Chef?

Peaked into the little one's room the other morning and found that she was in her kitchen cooking up a gourmet meal or rather soup of baby doll!

She even threw in a little lemon to add some flavor.

Which dull plastic knife would you like me to cut your head off with?

Maybe this dish needs a little more seasoning, how about a little pepper or salt?

I think I will just zap you in the microwave. That will be faster!