Saturday, December 18, 2010

At least this year she didn't try to backhand Santa...

To refresh your memories:
2009 Edition- 
Santa got lucky he wasn't wounded in the fight to get off his lap!

2010 edition - The deer in headlights look!
Hubby took the little one to visit Santa this morning, he said she even was brave enough to tell him what she wanted for Christmas.  Maybe next year we might even get a smile!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Playing Santa is tough work....

So this morning I went to Target and bought this
 a 70 piece wooden train set. It's a good thing I did because when I picked the little one up from school this was in her school bag...

At school this morning the teachers asked each child what they wanted Santa to bring and then wrote it on each of their drawings. Notice her drawing says Choo choo train!
What little girl doesn't want a train set?! 
Hubby and I had discussed the train as a possibility a month ago and decided to hold off on it until her birthday because we know what else she is already getting. Santa is hooking her up! But because she has mentioned it many times and because this is the first year that she is starting to understand Santa and Christmas...
Total sucker I am,  I know!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Nearly froze my a** off, all for some freaking dresses...

This morning I really questioned my sanity as I was standing in frigid temperatures waiting to pay for my armful of little girl dresses. Had I really gone out in 25 degree temperatures to an outdoor tent sale to buy dresses for my 2 year old? Why yes, yes I had! Even though my eyes were watering from our record breaking cold temps, I managed to find a few cute things.
Crabs! Love the ruffled shorts!
Noah's Ark
Pretty pink and white.
Love the ric rac trim on the angel sleeves and the flower material on this one.
It was nice to go to the sale while the little one was at school instead of dragging her with me as I normally would but I'm not sure it was worth freezing my ass off.  
While at the craft store the other day I ran across this...

a Wilton cookie press for $6. I remember my mom having a cookie press and loving the cookies she made with it so for that bargain price I couldn't resist.
I used the recipe on the side of the box and they were super yummy! Due to some operator error some of them were a little misshapen but they still tasted good!  
Next week begins the real Christmas baking these were just to tide me over!