Thursday, February 25, 2010

Potty Training at it's Finest...

A while back hubby and I thought it might be time to introduce the little one to the potty. Since she is almost two we thought it was worth a shot. It didn't go over well so we tucked it away in the closet for future use. Today the little one spotted it in the closet and pitched an absolute shit fit until I let her have it. We discussed proper usage but somehow the connection was not made ...

Somehow I don't think that standing in the potty with the bowl on her head is going to get the job done!

Closer but still not quite right, considering her feet are still inside.
Modeling her new hat?

Doing the potty time jig!

The dog even joined in on the fun!
Maybe she needs to watch the "potty time with elmo" video again as a refresher!

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sara said...

Too funny! We picked up a potty for our little girl, but so far she is only interested in pushing it around the room!

Oh, thanks for commenting on my camera post - I don't think I have heard of the action feature, please share!