Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Demoltion Continues...

With the upstairs bathroom almost completely gone it was time to move on to the downstairs master bath demolition.

Before~ Vanity and jacked up pocket door that didn't work.

Closet ~ There is a separate fairly large closet in the actual bedroom so this space will be added to the future bathroom.

Potty~You always want to be able to rest your knee on the toilet paper holder don't you?

Claustrophobic Creepy shower and Cabinets

Shower after I attacked it for several hours with a sledge hammer.

Hardwood floor and vanity removed - hole in floor to access pipes for plumbing work

Hole in ceiling of downstairs master bath,  Hello! Upstairs Bath!

The plumber and helper working ~ I was glad that no plumber's crack jokes were necessary ;)

I beginning to think that my car will never see the inside of the garage! Hubby and I have just been piling the remains in the garage. I'm not  really looking forward to loading that up to take to the dump.
Hubby and the plumber worked all weekend to get all of the new plumbing run, the water has finally been turned back on to the house and the new bathtub has been put in place upstairs. Progress is being made!

When the the little lady (aka the little princess) and I went by the new old house to check progress she was super excited to get to hold a gigantic worm hubby had found in the backyard. It really tickled me to watch her in her fancy outfit and tiara so thrilled to hang on to the worm. It took some major convincing to get her to put him down, I'm pretty sure she wanted to bring him home.


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