Monday, April 2, 2012

Hi ho hi ho it's off to the pediatrician's we go!

Last night after little lady's bath hubby and I noticed she had lots of eye boogies. It couldn't possibly be pink eye rearing it's ugly head again so soon could it? Oh yes it could!
Poor thing got up this morning and walked in the room saying "My eye is sealed shut, Help Me!"
 After a quick call to the doctor's office for an appointment we were on our merry way.
Fortunately she seems to really like the new pediatrician's office,  she thinks its super cool that she gets to take off her shoes to weigh in

After a quick exam by the doctor, it was determined that she needed another 10 days of antibiotics, Yippee!
Thank goodness it's spring break so there is no school or swim lessons this week. Hopefully we can make it more than 2 weeks without another trip in. At least we have already met our health insurance deductible for the year!

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Aunt Karen said...

She looks like such a little stinker in the table pic!