Friday, April 20, 2012

Quick Update

 The upstairs bathroom is really coming along. Hubby has been working night and day to get it all put together so we can move in soon.
Walls and ceilings are now painted. Shower is ready for tile.

View of other end of room.

This is most of the bathroom, unfortunately it is sitting in the living room. Tile, tile and more tile. Sinks and faucets all picked out and ready to be installed.
 Cabinets are being picked up today so things should progress pretty quickly.

More exciting than the bathroom renovation is that little man is starting to give some super sweet smiles which I just have to show off.

Nothing cuter than a smiling baby!

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Melissa Wagner said...

Holy batman Luke is sooo cute!!!!!!! I am jealous of your soon-to-be new bathroom!!