Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Birthday Fun

Over the weekend we celebrated little lady's 4th birthday. We decide to celebrate with a day packed full of kid fun. 

Little lady was thrilled when she woke up and found this massive princess castle balloon floating in her room.

In her birthday dress and special princess party hat.

Little lady had requested an Ariel cake. We are all still wondering what she wished for though, she was so serious and really sat and thought it over before blowing out the candle. I am dying to ask her but then that would be breaking the cardinal rule of wish making, never reveal your wish.

Can't you just see the sugar rush kicking in from the butter cream frosting?

After getting her all jacked up on sugar we decided to take her to the indoor playground at Jungle Rapids. What better way to burn off some energy.

One of her favorite schoolmates happened to be there so the two of them had a great time playing together.

Bounce, Bounce

Aunt K tested out the kid sized chairs, I won't show the pic where it was stuck on her rear end!

A little clowning around with their mascot.

I have to admit that little lady had a great time there but I had to really suppress my want to completely wrap her in a germ free bubble. Especially when I saw her in the BALL PIT, AAAHHHHH! THE GERMS!
 All in all, I think we managed to spoil her rotten on her special day, so mission accomplished!

Monday, little man turned 2 months. What a difference 4 weeks makes. We will go for his check up early next week, it will be interesting to see what the official weigh in is.
One month old.

2 months old.

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