Saturday, April 14, 2012

Busy, Busy...

 The last two weeks have just flown by. I have turned the computer on several times to post and then get sidetracked until hours later I realize the computer is still on and I never even touched it! Little lady was on Spring Break the week before Easter so we were off our normal schedule and then this past week has been filled with school, swim lessons, tile shopping, etc. So here is a quick recap to catch us all up...
Easter egg hunt in the backyard. Little lady loved the super shiny eggs the Easter bunny left. I loved that they were super shiny so I could remember where I hid them.
This is what happens when hubby hires 5 guys to come help. It was amazing how fast they finished gutting the two bathrooms! They also did a wonderful job getting rid of this enormous pile into the dump truck Hubby brought. I would say that you could fit a car in the garage now but that would be a total lie. We have just managed to fill it back up with other mess. ;)
This dust has essentially coated the entire house, Hubby spent the entire day today mopping and cleaning so that we can bring the kids back in the house.
The upstairs bathroom is progressing. This picture was from a few days ago. Hubby had a guy come today to finish the sheet rock.

After removing a linen closet from the hallway and moving the door to the bathroom to where the closet once was the bathroom now has an additional 50sq ft. We finalized the choices for all the tile in the room but have not decided on the vanity, sinks and light fixtures. I need to get on it, this is where my indecisiveness becomes an issue. It is so hard to pick with all the choices out there these days. 

I did manage to use Hubby's leaf blower one afternoon on part of the backyard. It is just filled to the brim with all kinds of neat plants and pathways that we never even realized were there.

Little lady and I had a wonderful treat last week, a visit from a dear old friend, one of my college roomates and her family. She has a little girl who is just a little older than little lady. We took the kids to the aquarium and they had a great time. This was the best picture I got because the girls were so excited to play and be together that they barely could hold still.

An added bonus of that visit was that my friends daughter convinced little lady that the tree swing at the new house was indeed a cool thing to do so now little lady who was deathly afraid to try it is now begging for someone to put her on it. Monkey see, monkey do at its finest!  

The worst of the mess in the house is now done. The plumber, electrician and now the sheet rock guy have all done their stuff so now it is time for the fun stuff to begin. We hope to begin laying tile this week.

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Melissa Wagner said...

Love it!!!!! Cannot wait to see in person!! Luke will be 7? Weeks tomorrow and I haven't met him yet-bad friend! I want to come visit in about 3 or 4 weeks!