Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The little swimmer...

In preparation for the upcoming summer, hubby and I decided that it was time for the little lady to start swim lessons. She loves to go in the pool and the ocean but it is definitely time to break the habit of depending on floaties. I signed her up for the preschool beginner class at our local Y. I was pleased when we arrived and there was only one other little one enrolled, making it almost like a private lesson. The other little one's mommy told me that the instructor was good and that she would push the girls to try hard, which is great for little miss stubborn.
She loved the fact that she got to play with Nemo. The teacher would toss it out and then little lady had to swim out to get it.

Practicing floating on her back.

Getting ready to blast off...

Splash down!
 Hopefully little lady will continue to enjoy swim lessons as much as she did today. It won't be long before it is warm enough to hit the pool!

In other news, little man is now one month old and we all managed to survive.

Like his jammies say he is So Cute! He also weighs in at 11 lbs now on our scale at home. I'm not even sure little lady weighed that at 3 months!

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Aunt Karen said...

So proud of Evie! She really looks like she's having a great time. Luke gets cuter every day :)