Thursday, March 31, 2011

Damn Rosalina Sale, Makes Money Fly Out of My Wallet...

Today was the first day of the semi annual Rosalina sale. I had just about forgotten about it until a friend called yesterday to see if I was going. Thanks so much Melissa, I really would have been better off with out the reminder! :)
Even though little one didn't really need anything, I thought we would just go and window shop...
Here is little one showing off a new dress.
Cute red and white polka dots with green smocked design. Thought it could make a cute holiday season dress for next year but it is not so festive that it can't be worn now.
 Could not pass up this cute top and pants for this summer.
 Love the precious flower embroidery!
 There was no way I was leaving this dress on the rack.  Little one loves it too!
 LOVE the little octopus and the pink polka dots!
 I was in the middle of checking out when I turned around and saw this dress. It is so different from the usual smocked things that I had to have it too.  Who doesn't love butterfly and flower fabric?
 I also bought the little one two super cute outfits for her dolls. She is getting old enough now that she likes to change her baby doll clothes so for 2 bucks an outfit it was something cute to keep her entertained while I shopped.
Somehow my intention of looking and not buying didn't happen, damn you Rosalina for having such cute stuff this time. 

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