Friday, March 18, 2011

Poor Kitty and Springtime Fun...

I will start this post with an introduction of my one my outdoor kitties.
Introducing #Two aka TuTu.
 Tutu is one of the three outdoor kitties that reside in my yard. He is a sweet but skittish kitty whom over the last 4 years of living here has become one of my favorites. Since trapping him and having him neutered he has slowly come around and will even let little one hug and pet him as long as there is no attempt made to pick him up. That is a big no no. There originally were 5 kitties outside, which is why his name is #Two. At the time I couldn't be bothered coming up with that many names for cats we didn't really own.  Now that the three are members of the family I have unfortunately taken over their medical care. Can you hear Hubby cursing about the bills for cat food and the vet?
Unfortunately Tutu required a short trip to the vet yesterday. When he came round the evening before I noticed a gaping hole in his side that did not look great.  So off to the vet he went first thing yesterday morning. Taking Tutu to the vet is an experience in and of itself. When I had him neutered I wasn't even sure which cat he was I scooped up the first cat that came for breakfast and threw him in the carrier. When it came time to get him out to do the surgery he flipped out and it took 4 people and a huge comforter to get him confined for anesthesia. Lesson learned for sure. Now he gets dumped directly out of the carrier straight into the induction chamber (fish tank used to gas down a kitty) works great!
Poor guy was really pissed when he woke up and realized he looked like this...
 He was shaved that much to make sure that he didn't have more than one hole. I was worried about it being a possible bite would from our friendly opossum or raccoon that stop by on occasion. He is now the laughing stock of the neighborhood with his cool alternative haircut and almost 48 hours later the other 2 kitties are still hissing at him. Poor guy!

Spring has sprung at our house so last weekend I planted a few things.
I still feel like we may get one more cold snap so I haven't gone hog wild yet.
The little one helped me.
I caught her drinking the drops of water out of the flowers after watering.
Silly girl!
Here she proudly shows off her favorite!
I hope that Spring has found it's way to all of your houses!

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