Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It Was A One Ring Circus...

The last circus I went to was over 20 years ago. My parents took us to see the Ringling Bros. Three Ring Circus. I remember it being pretty awesome, especially when they shot the man out of the cannon and he landed in the audience, Oops!
The Cole Brother Circus was in town over the weekend. Hubby convinced me that we really needed to take the little one to go see it. So Sunday afternoon we headed  over to the fairgrounds to check it out.
Cole Brother's is a very small circus. The girl that sold us our tickets and the girl that showed us to our seats were both in the show as acrobats. It is most definitely a one ring circus.
Our seats were fantastic, we sat in the second row, I almost felt like I could pet these guys we were so close!
Munchkin was mesmerized by all of the action!
Somehow I doubt that any of my cats would do this trick.
I'll just turn my head while you bite his arm off!
In addition to the tiger's they also had trained horses, camels and
PINK poodles!
There also were lots of humans trained to do tricks as well :)
I wouldn't want this big guy sitting in my lap.
The finale of the show for us was the elephants.
   We left shortly after because the motorcycles roared into the tent and  little one said she had had enough. The one thing she truly dislikes is the noise of loud motorcycles. Can you blame her?
All in all it was a good first circus experience for her, hubby and I enjoyed it too.

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Aunt Karen said...

Though I'm completely anti-circus with animals, I'm glad you had a great time!