Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Busy Month Recap and the Princess Cake Debacle...

April was a crazy month for us which is why it has taken until almost mid may for me to blog. So I decided that it would be easiest to recap by going back through and picking some of my favorite photos from the month.
For my birthday hubby got me my favorite Dairy Queen ice cream cake and a sweet new zoom lens for my camera.
Little one came down with a nasty virus the week before her birthday, which involeved a Friday afternoon trip to the doctors. It took three people to hold her down so the doctor could tell us that her ears were fine and it was a virus. Hubby and I both got colds thanks to her. :)
One of my sister's came for a visit to help with little one's 3rd birthday. 
We went on a beach adventure while she was here. Here is little one recreating a scene from the movie The Birds.
We also let her white trash it up at the beach by letting her go in the water in her undies. Who would have thought she would want to swim with the water temp only in the 60s?
The birthday cake for little one's party was quite the adventure. She had specifically requested a pink princess cake. I refused to pay $50 for the grocery store version, so instead I spent probably about that much to make it. ;)  Sister and I thought it would be best to make a practice cake. I went to the craft store and bought the Wilton Wonder Cake mold  but neglected to read the instructions fully. I read the part that said use a two layer cake mix. What I did not read was the fact it said you may need 1- 2 two layer cake mixes ! Oops!
Good thing we did the practice cake! The first cake seemed teeny tiny!
The second cake was perfect!
Sister had  recently taken a cake decorating classand managed to bust out with this...
A perfect princess cake! Totally the cake I always wanted when I was little.
I will say that the practice cake was a great idea except my waistline paid the price!
It looked a lot like our little princess shown here modeling her new princess dress.
The birthday party was a big success even though it poured down rain. The kids still enjoyed the princess  jump castle
and an indoor picnic.
Hubby and I gave her a big girl bike, which at first she seemed excited about but now is refusing to touch it. Go figure.
Maybe in a few weeks she will decide that she is ready to try it again.
I will end this post with a picture of one of the four beautiful flowers my wonderful little old lady nieghbor gave to me.
She has the most randow assortment of flowering things in her yard which she loves to share.
Lucky me!

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