Friday, February 18, 2011

Random Craft and Cats...

Little one and I did some random crafting yesterday. We made about a half dozen  pinecone bird feeders for our yard. It was a fun and easy project that took very little time at all. The hardest part was keeping the little one from eating all of the peanut butter.

Not only have several birds already sampled them but the dog got a taste as well. Apparently, I hung one a wee bit too low as I caught her out in the back yard with the remains of one. Oops!

The backyard has now become popular not only with the birds and pinecone eating dogs but also with our outdoor kitties. For the past few years they have spent the majority of their time on our front porch, but more and more I am finding them sunning and also pooping (ARGH!!) in the backyard and back stoop. The dog loves it as she enjoys eating their scooby snacks aka cat shit but our indoor kitty is not so sure that she likes them infringing on her space and privacy.
"I think that we have a peeping tom!" she says.
"Oh my mistake he's neutered!"
Hee Hee! Sorry. A little bit of  bad veterinary humor.
Happy Friday!

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