Monday, April 26, 2010

Two Years Old!!!!

It's official, the little one is now two! She will happily tell you that too, since two has now become one of her favorite numbers!

To celebrate the big event we had a park party. One of the little one's favorite things is the park.  If we would let her, she would stay on the swings day and night! 
7 of her playmates attended and I think everyone had a good time. The park was the easiest thing that I could think of. I just am not one of those parents who will spend a small  fortune on a toddler's birthday.  We did a picnic lunch and had balloons for party favors.

The little one has a huge passion for balloons! What 2 year old doesn't?
The park has a lot of old school play equipment, which she is finally big enough to get on and off of by herself!
Here is Auntie Karen testing out the motorcycle! I don't ride on them that much since the day I had a little boy tell me he thought I was way to big to ride, and I didn't want to break it, did I?

Two of the little ones on the merry- go - round, wheee!

This is the little one's birthday twin.(He was doing some very serious driving)  It is so fun to see him with my little one since they are literally the exact same age.
Happy Baby!

The twins having fun on the slide!
Climbing high!

It was nice to have all of the grandparents attend, 
that way every little one had a hand to help push the swings!

As part of the picnic lunch I made personalized cut out cookies for all the kids. I didn't feel like fighting the mess of small children with cupcakes. So these were a nice alternative. I don't think the kids minded at all because to a kid sugar is sugar!

There were ducks and dinosaur cookies for the kids goodie bags and then flowers and butterflies for the adults to munch on! Many thanks to my sister for staying up late helping to decorate them!

And because no birthday would be complete without cake I did make a devils food pound cake for the little one's birthday dinner!
She was so pleased that we were all singing to her!

She was fascinated by the lit candle, she did attempt to blow it out...

But then seemed truly bothered and bewildered when it did go out!

The lack of flame from the candle did not deter her from shoveling in some cake.

She licked her plate clean!!!

Now that this birthday has come and gone, I guess I better get to planning next year's!


Karen said...

Great post!

m. said...

how fun and happy! you bencke girrrls all rock! <3 mariah

sara said...

What a fun party! Happy Birthday to your little girl!