Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Really?A Penis Tree?...

I have been way behind on my blogging lately in part due to pure laziness but also we have been slowly preparing for the little one's upcoming 2nd birthday this week. The playhouse is coming along wonderfully. I have not fully finished decorating it so I have not taken updated pictures yet. However, the little one has been having lots of fun playing in it un decorated. I think she really doesn't care if its decorated or not, she knows its her house though and will gladly point  it out as well as pointing out mommy's house (our house) and daddy's house ( the storage building, LOL!).  

Now, because I'm sure you are all wondering what the title of this post is all about I will get to it! First, here is a cute picture of the little one playing at the park.

A few days ago the little one and I journeyed to one of our neighborhood parks to feed the turtles and ducks at the pond. I was saddened to be told by a fellow mommy upon pulling into the parking lot that someone had  spray painted the playground equipment and that if my child was old enough to read we may want to not play.
Fortunately, the little one is not up on how to spell the latest and greatest in dirty words...
The penis picture on the merry go round was the only thing mild enough to post. The other half of it was covered in words and pictures that even offened me!

It was hard to watch the little one going down the slide with this under her bottom!

The worst to me was the penis tree. Who puts graffiti on trees? So wrong!
Needless to say I called the local police, (who made remarkably fast time, if it were an actual emergency I wouldn't hold my breath!) The nice officer assured me the city would be contacted and it would be cleaned up. Sure enough a few days later, hubby went back to the park and it was all gone. I'm still wondering how they managed to get it off the tree and still leave the bark intact but they did! I'm also still wondering why anyone thought vandalizing a toddler park was a good idea? Losers!

To make this post end on a lighter note, here is a picture of the little one in her new fairy princess dress! This adorable outfit is a birthday gift from one of her aunties! It has been a real hit!
The little one shocked me yesterday by putting it on all by herself!

This picture doesn't do the dress justice because you can't see the little fairy wings on the back, and if only I could get her to smile and not make the monkey face! Now all she needs is a magic fairy wand! I could use one too, one that with the snap of the wrist makes my house clean itself! :)


Ashley said...

Ugh, people disgust me more and more. I'm glad they were able to take care of the mess so quickly

Anonymous said...

Huh, huh, huh, penis.