Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day Surprise!

I am so behind on my blog posting it is not even funny,  I have several posts to be edited, so while we are on our mini vacation I am going to attempt to get caught up. Last weekend, for mother's day, one of my sister's and I shocked my mother by showing up on her doorstep for a surprise visit!  Dad did a great job keeping the secret, which I know was tough because mom has a social calender you would not believe, scheduling something without lots of notice can be tough!

We had dad play photographer for us! He did pretty good!
Saturday night, dad treated us to supper at a very yummy Italian restaurant where we stuffed ourselves until we cold eat no more! My sister and I took the opportunity to clown around with the camera!

An important part of taking a good picture is making sure that you hold the camera at a flattering angle! Don't want to show any double chin, if you know what I mean!

 This was my delicious supper, it was so good! This was only half of it, the rest was in my belly by the time I thought to take the photo! Fresh pepperoni, mozzarella and tomato!

The next morning for mother's day my sister cooked up a fantastic brunch, that included mimosas!
(starting to notice a pattern here? mom + drink )

While waiting for brunch to be ready I got so hungry I almost had to sample the miniature pineapples we had given to mom! 
Good thing sister had waffles at the ready!
She also had delicious real whipped cream! (No cool whip at this meal!)

And to top it all off fresh strawberries!!! Oh yea!

After all the hard work of cooking ...
She needed a big drink and...
a smoke!
(Just kidding, she didn't really smoke that cig, she did perhaps make a dent in that champagne!
Thanks so much to my sister for planning everything, and also to my dad for taking the risk of getting berated for 3 weeks by mom to keep a secret as to what "special" was on her social calender!

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