Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cypress Gardens...

For the little one's birthday one of my sisters and her husband came to visit for a few days. We had a lot of fun adventuring and also preparing for the little one's big day! One of our adventures took us to the Cypress Gardens in nearby Moncks Corner.
This is a beautiful place to visit if you have a chance. Especially this time of year, before it gets to hot and while all of the flowers are in full bloom.

Sister and Brother-in-Law make quite the beautiful butterfly and handsome caterpillar don't you think?

Me and the little one (LOL!)

The garden has a wonderful butterfly house that also contains a koi pond. We had a lot of fun watching them all flutter by.
The little one got and extra long visit in the butterfly house, which she loved, with her Uncle because she refused to get in the rowboat.
Maybe she knew we would encounter gators like this one...

Just kidding! Daddy wasn't really eaten by a gator!

We did see several alligators in the water while we hiked and then also when we took a quick paddle in the swamp, but none of them tried to take off our heads!!!
In addition to the gardens there is also small aquarium with lots of neat turtles, some talking birds on display and lots of great nature trails. It is a really cool place to visit if you get a chance.

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