Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Secret Project...

It has been a tough last few days around here. Since Thursday, last week the little one has been under the weather. I finally broke down and called the pediatrician's office yesterday after another random episode of vomit. The good news is that they confirmed what I had already suspected that it is a virus going around. The bad news is that it generally last a full seven days. Yuck! By my count we still have about another 36 hours to go! 

I hope the little one gets better soon! 2 am surprise vomit is never a fun time!
In other news , while hubby was working out of town last week he mentioned that he was working on a secret project.  For 5 days I tried to pry out of him what it was... it didn't work. I honestly hate surprises and really dislike secrets (unless it's a secret i'm keeping!). But this secret project is super cool!

Even though it did involve tearing out the garden bed we labored to install last year. Can you guess the secret project?

It's a modular playhouse! Since our house is for sale hubby built a special custom playhouse for the little one. He built it is sections so it can be taken apart to be moved! He arrived home with the four walls already built, they just had to be screwed together!
He worked hard all weekend putting it together!
Even though the little one is sick we still let her go check it out!
It is big enough inside to fit the whole family, dog included!
Yesterday, since the little one was seemingly better, I caught her dancing inside!
She was kind enough to pose for the camera.
Unfortunatly, it was only 20 minutes later that she threw up all over my couch so needless to say we were inside much of the rest of the day! :(
Hubby's secret project was a pleasant surprise, but now the question remains as to how to decorate it!
I am debating back and forth between white with pink trim or pink with white trim. We will also have to incorperate flowers and butterflies since those are a few of her favorite things!
Hopefully the lttle one will be back to her normal self before to long so we can hit up the paint store!

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