Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekend Happenings...

This weekend we marked the beginning of spring with our first trip to the beach. It was great to feel the sand between our toes!
The little one insisted on wearing her shoes though! She didn't think much of the damp sand!
Showing off our shovels full of sand!
Daddy pointing out boats in the distance.
Filling her bucket! It was great to get out and enjoy such a warm day. We are lucky to have the beach so close by. :)

In other news Grandpa and Bappy (grandma) came for a quick visit. So I used it as a good excuse to try out a new dessert Lucious Cream Puffs. The actual recipe is here.

Start with puff pastry sheet baked into round shapes. I used a 2 inch drinking glass as my cutter. The recipe said to use a 3 inch, oops!

When pastry is cooled split in half and top with Jello pudding and Cool Whip combined.

Top with remaining half of pastry. Drizzle with melted chocolate and enjoy! Because I used a smaller diameter of circle cooking time on the pastry was a little shorter and we were all able to enjoy 2 puffs! Yummy!

Since the grandparents were in town Hubby and I decided to take advantage and went to see a movie.

We went to see Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland in 3-D! It was awesome! We have not been to see a movie in almost 2 years so that in itself was pretty remarkable, but the movie was really cool! All of characters really come to life in 3-D, my favorite character had to be the Chesire Cat.
Who doesn't love a magical kitty?! I wish my cats could disapper and reappear. If only they could clean the litterbox by themselves! That would really be magical...

Hope ya'll had a great weekend!

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Karen said...

Bappy doesn't like taking her shoes off at the beach either. Interesting!