Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fancy New Things...

In the last few days the little one has really racked up on some super cute clothes! Bappy came for a visit and brought 2 super cute dresses and an awesome sock monkey pair of pants and shirt.
Today was also the semi annual rosalina sale, I was proud of myself for only buying three outfits!
Here is the little one modeling one of the outfits and holding up one of the new dresses.

The great thing about the outfit she is wearing is that it is totaly reversible!

It is a pretty pink on the inside, and I love the Carolina Girl embroidery. Too cute! There is nothing better than 2 outfits in one!

The blue and white polka dot outfit is her birthday outfit. My neighbor had a trunk show for Shrimp and Grits kids clothing and I ordered it from her. I am going to have her initials embroidered on the front at some point before the big day.
Last but not least here she is wearing her normal clothes, Walmart's finest!
I actually went back to Walmart and bought another dress that is the same style in a different color after I saw how cute it was on. 

For $6 it is a great little play outfit.
Especially when most of the time it will be covered with a layer of dog fur!

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Karen said...

She is really becoming a little fashionista!