Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Because seven days was just too damn long...

To go without visiting the pediatricians office!

Little one went to bed last night with the start of what we suspected might be pink eye and sure as shit when she woke up this morning her left eye was completely sealed shut with the nastiest snot looking stuff. You all are lucky I took the picture after I spent 10 minutes cleaning it out with a warm wash cloth.

As we had suspected it is indeed pink eye but unfortunately because the the skin around her eye is redder than the eye itself the doctor was worried it might be the start of some cellulitis, so instead of eye drops we get the pleasure of using 10 days worth of oral antibiotics. Yippee!

Fortunately the doctor said as long as we see improvement overnight, with three doses of antibiotics in her she is safe to go back to school in the morning. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

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Aunt Karen said...

Poor little lady! Just think of it as she's boosting her immune system ;)