Friday, March 9, 2012

First Sick Visit

Nine days old, little man wakes up with a crusty eye. As the day went on it turned from crusty to goopy. Yuck! So off to the the pediatricians office we went. After christening the entire exam table with his pee out of anger over his temperature being taken the very nice doctor we saw determined that the most likely cause of the grotesque eye goop was a blocked tear duct. Armed with a prescription for eye ointment and instructions on how to massage the tear duct he is already on the mend.

Little man recovering yesterday with an eye full of medicine.

On a lighter note,
Big sister just loves to hold little man. Hubby helped to get them situated and then she says to me "Take our picture now!" 

Now if only we could get her to change his diapers!

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Aunt Karen said...

I love how much she loves him!