Friday, February 3, 2012

This old house

Hubby and I have been house hunting since we moved here in August. It has been both an exciting and extremely frustrating process. We have made several offers on different houses only to be beat out by someone else by an hours time or just having our offer turned down by the bank. We have been mainly shopping short sales and foreclosures so needless to say some of the properties we have been looking at weren't even livable. My mother refers to one of her favorites as the "poop house" if that gives you any indication of what we have seen.
Not to jinx ourselves but I am excited to say that we have come to an agreement with a bank and have an actual closing date set for a house that hubby and I will here after refer to as "this old house"... 

It was built in 1961. Holy sh*t it's 50 years old!

It has a Brady bunch feel to it! Here is a sneak peak of the den, gotta love some wood paneling!

The selling point for little one was the flowers in the yard and that it has stairs. For some reason she thinks having stairs makes a house super cool! 
I joke about the house but am really super excited about it. It is on over half an acre of land, in a convenient location, walking distance to a really cool park and aside from the 1961 bathrooms that are quite hideous it is totally livable.  This house is definitely a project house but I think it will be a fun adventure. I can't wait to start busting the peach bathroom tile up! Our April closing date can't come fast enough, so stay tuned for more on "this old house".

In other news, little one was super excited to show off her super star student sticker she earned at school today. She really seems to be enjoying her new school. I'm enjoying the fact that now when you ask her what she did at school she says she played and learned! Awesome!

Happy Friday!


Melissa Wagner said...

Omg soooo much potential!!!!!

Aunt Karen said...

Evie is growing up so fast it makes me a little sad. I'm thinking of having a 75th birthday party for my house in 2014 :)