Thursday, February 16, 2012

1st Haircut

Today was a momentous occasion for the little one and me, I finally broke down and took her to have her FIRST haircut! I have never had the heart to even have her pretty hair trimmed. After a little (okay so a LOT) of  nagging from hubby about how it was looking somewhat scraggly I finally gave in.
 Preparing for the first cut! Yikes!

 She sat so still, it was impressive!

 She did have a little bit of a worried expression the whole time, but never spoke a word.

 Her eyes on the prize she was relieved when it was over and happy she got a yummy lollipop!

 She was proud to show off the pretty braid that the hairdresser did.

A perfect little curl came home with us for the baby book also proof that I actually allowed someone to cut off more than an 1/16 of an inch.


Melissa Wagner said...

Yeah Evie!!!!

Aunt Karen said...

Did she lose her magical powers?