Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope you all have wonderful Valentine's Day plans. We are going very low key this year. The novelty of Valentine's kind of wore off for us several years ago. I did step up the search for the perfect card this year if only because somehow I managed to pick out the exact same card for hubby several years in a row. I must have really liked what it said. :)
This year, after 16 years of Valentines,  I really think I found the most appropriate card out there for him...

Yep! I think it says it all in the most perfect way! Short, simple and to the point with just a hint of humor. Just my style.
In addition to the perfect card little one and I decided to gift hubby with a little something...
Hubby may consider this more of a gift to myself only because I really love the way it smells but oh well!
For our super "romantic" dinner I am going all out. In continuation of the low key theme this year I decided to forgo the traditional surf and turf and am going to make white chicken enchiladas. They are super yummy even if they aren't that romantic.
Click link for recipe, you really should try them.

Happy Valentines!!!

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Melissa Wagner said...

Happy love day! I am shocked Chris remembered today! Although, the commercials on tv might of helped him :))