Thursday, November 4, 2010

Family Fun! (and I really mean it!)

We had an action packed few days here over the last weekend. My whole family came to town for a visit, it had been almost a year and a half since we were all in same the same place.  So we crammed a few short days full of activities. Our first stop was the fair where we all overindulged on fair food and fun.
The little one enjoyed her first taste of cotton candy. At first she was a little unsure what to do with it but once she realized it was such yummy and sticky goodness she wolfed it down!
Daddy rode on the train ride with her. She loved when it sped up slightly going around the corners of the track.
The merry go round is always a favorite!
I chose the swings for my ride. You can just make me out in the picture,
I'm the one laughing like a crazy person!
After the rides we decided it would be fun to try some games...
We all took a whack at it but came up short!
The little one fared better at the kids games and came home with a dolphin and a light saber, I brought home a caramel candy apple. YUM!
After all of the fair excitement, we awoke the next morning and got started on our pumpkin carving. I had arranged for several friends to stop by to judge our contest.
Here are my sisters working very hard. Look at the concentration on those faces!
During the carving, we had to stop for an impromptu first haircut for the little one. Unfortunately while playing with the cat's mouse toy she somehow managed to get her hair wrapped around his little wheels. Ouch! A few strands clipped and she was free with out much evidence of her hair being cut, whew! 
We worked up an appetite carving so we went to lunch at one of our favorite places - Taco Boy! They have the best food and margarita's. The waitress was kind enough to share some leftover tattoos from their raging Halloween party the night before. Here is Auntie and the little one showing them off. 5 days later the tattoo is still looking as good as when we put it on. Thinking I may need to get some baby oil to get it off, before the preschool thinks I've had her tattooed! 
Our next stop was to visit the Angel Oak. If you are ever in the area it is something to see. It is a beautiful live oak tree that is thought to be approx. 1500 years old.
Here the little one admires it's enormity.
We look teeny compared to the tree as we walk under the canopy.
It is a great place to take pictures too, as sister and brother in law demonstrate below.
After all of that excitement it was almost time for Halloween fun!
The little one shows off her costume.
Here we are all dress in our snazzy Halloween shirts! ;)
My mom brought this festive bread from a bakery near where they live.
They also do bunnies for Easter.
My sister brought these adorable cups named Pick Your Nose cups, which we had a great time trying out. No one had the heart to tell the little one her nose was on upside down.

After dinner we went to a few neighbors houses to trick or trick, the little one was exhausted by this time so it was a quick trip around our block. Here our all of pumpkins lit up. Don't they look festive?
And the winner was...(drum roll please)... Ms South Carolina! Here she is showing off her prize pumpkin trophy! We are all so proud!
It was great to have the family here. Hopefully it won't be so long before our next action packed time together! :)

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Aunt Karen said...

Blurg! I think I forgot to take a photo of grandpa with his cup nose!