Monday, November 15, 2010

A Quick Update....

Just a quick update, while I have a few minutes to spare. The little one is down for the count with a cold that started on Saturday, so it was unfortunately a snot filled weekend! The little one was at least feeling well enough to play outside for a little while. Hubby made a wonderful little door for her playhouse that matches the style of our front door. 
It is really cute and the little one loves to open and close it and invite you to come in.
 He also put together a child size picnic table, which we have already had tea party and snacks at several times already. 
 Last week we went and checked out a new park in N. Charleston. It is right on the river and has a beautiful view. The little one enjoyed the playground as it a more modern one than we normally go to.
Here she is spinning wildly in a personal size tea cup?

 Climbing high!
 Here she is checking out some sculpture. They had several really neat pieces there.
 The two headed donkey was her favorite. I think she was thinking to hell with this little fence I want to ride on it!
I have to agree it would have been pretty cool to sit on!
This park has a beautiful walking path that runs right along the river and over some of the marsh grass.
Next time, I think we will pack a picnic lunch so we can stay longer and enjoy the boats going by.
Hope you all had a great weekend!

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Aunt Karen said...

Evie is so lucky to have such a skilled carpenter for a daddy!