Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like christmas...

We busted out the Christmas decorations this weekend, since hubby was home and looking for some kind of project . I consider getting the boxes out of the attic a major project, you have to climb up a tall ladder and crawl around on insulation and try not to fall through the ceiling.
We do an artificial tree, we have pets and a kid, regular house plants are a chore who can be bothered to taking care of tree that drops needles and has to be watered? Not I.
Last year we made life even easier by buying a pre lit tree. No more hassling with the tangled strands of lights, its 5 minutes to set up, love it!
This is the first year that the little one has shown much interest which has made it more fun for us grown ups. She had a great time helping to decorate the tree.
Figuring out how to make the pooh bear ornament talk by pushing the button on it.
Playing with some of the decorations.
There were several ornaments that she had a hard time giving up to put on the tree. After a little convincing we managed to get all of them on the tree except for one a wooden rocking horse that she has really enjoyed playing with.
We will start doing the Elf on the Shelf tomorrow, which I am excited about. I have mentally figured out already at least 10 good spot to sit him where the little one can't reach him but can still see him. I may regret starting it this far away from Christmas but we can always start later next year. It will only be 24 consecutive days of reading it...
I hope you all had a great turkey day, I unfortunately didn't realize that my camera battery was dead so I didn't get a single photos which means no turkey day blog post! We had a yummy meal with the inlaws, where I ate way too many desserts. It was nice not to have to cook the big meal this year, I do however have to post a pic of the wonderful turkey dress that my very talented sister made for the little one!
It was absolutely precious on and we got many compliments. Thank you sister!

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