Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Playdate Fun...

The little one and I had the pleasure of going with some friends to Cypress Gardens on Friday for a playdate. It was a beautiful day to be outside and we enjoyed it thoroughly.
Saw this in their butterfly building and thought it was especially cool. It is a butterfly in a cocoon that is just about ready to hatch.
The little one's investigating a giant spider web.
Help! An alligator is eating me!
Taking turns in the swing
Look at all of these HUGE fish!
The girls showing off their fashionable life jackets.
The little one's discussing whether or not the mommies are capable of paddling them...
We did indeed successfully paddle them around for a few minutes, with only one small tree incident. It just came out of no where and ran right into our row boat!


Karen Swoverland said...

Fun!! Glad Evelyn was up for a boat ride this trip.

Paul said...

Kids look like they're having fun.. you're little girl has swagger

Tonya said...

Oh it looks like alot of fun :) How cute are they!!! That butterfly cocoon is really cool as well :)