Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Working Vacation...

I have been working up to getting this post done for almost 3 days but due to an influx of laundry and cleaning post vacay I am a little behind. Hubby had taken a few days off from work so we had a nice 4 day weekend where neither of us had to work so we thought we would go on a nice little vacation. After much debate (meaning I couldn't make up my mind, damn expedia for having to many choices and traveler reviews!) we opted to go camping in the mountains with some close friends and their 2 boys.
We had not been camping in almost 8 years so after dusting off the camping gear and upgrading our air mattress (I'm too old to be sleeping that close to the ground ) off we went...
We had booked a hotel to stay in the first night as we were not meeting our friends until Friday morning. Hubby had picked the hotel for us because I couldn't decide. It was the only 3 star or more he could find in the area so he says and it got good reviews from recent online postings...
Check out our lovely mountain view...
What? Is that a fence you see not a gorgeous mountain view?
The MOTEL was really not bad. It was clean enough and the little one had a great time turning the dial on the in room microwave a million times but I am a self admitted hotel snob and prefer something a little less Bates motel and a little more Ritz-Carlton.
The next day we drove the rest of the way up and met up with our friends. Here is hubby showing off the first official beverage of the canoe trip. 
We paddled over the course of two days which totaled almost 18 miles and lots of empty beer cans!
Friday and Saturday nights we camped in the cold. The temps got down in the lower 40s .
Fortunately having camped here before we knew to bring plenty of fire wood and alcohol to keep us warm!
Below is the view from our campsite, it is so nice to fall asleep and wake to the sound of the river going over the rocks. Very peaceful sleep.
Here is hubby and the little one warming up by the fire the first morning. Once the fog burned off it turned into a beautiful sunny day on the river.
       It amazes me that all three kids were still smiling after a long day on the river.
Here we all are the last morning.
Going camping is more of a working vacation since there is definitely no cocktail waitress to bring me another drink and the fact that I'm sleeping in a tent with probably several spiders but it was still fun and I have to admit I'm ready to go back again sooner rather than later.

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Tonya said...

Oh such fun!!! love it :)

For some reason there is no comment box on your lastest post but those flowers are gorgeous.. just love the colour!