Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 2...

Today was the second day of mother's morning out. Since the first day didn't go so hot we were unsure what to expect today. Since I picked her up on Monday we have really been talking to her about how cool school is and how much fun it is and how she would meet new friends. I guess it worked because she stayed the whole morning and her teachers said she did great! ( I'm pretty sure they weren't lying to me to be nice, it is a church school after all!)
Tucked in her bag was this morning's art project, too cute!
She was very proud to show me her awesome coloring skills!

For a special treat for staying we had lunch at her favorite place - McDonald's!!!!
I think she has already had a big boost of confidence in going to school because she hopped right on in the playground there with no hesitation to play with all of the other kids. Normally I would have to crawl all through the nasty play equipment with her!
Here she is beaming with delight from the top!
I hope that it continues to go well and so does my house, I managed to get the whole place vacuumed and dusted as well as doing 2 loads of laundry and the dishes! Whoohoo!  


Aunt Karen said...

Aunt Karen needs an original piece of Evie's art for her fridge.

paul Wynn said...

Whats not to love about your child scribbling? Adorable

Tonya said...

so cute :) she sure looks proud of herself up there!!