Friday, October 8, 2010

Last blooms of the year...

Even though summer ended officially a week or so ago I was still pleased to walk out in the yard and find a few last summer blooms.
My roses have never truly recovered from their transplant two years ago, so any blooms from them are are pleasant surprise.
 Hubby gave me the hibiscus this year for mother's day and it did great for its first season in the yard. I wasn't expecting any more blooms this year so when this sprung out from the top it was a very pleasant surprise.
The inpatients are still in full bloom, which the little one loves. They are her favorite to pick. I love them to because they come back every year here. They even come back in colors I never planted which is pretty cool, I think the birds must import them for us. :)
Even though I hate cold weather I am ready for the change in season. It's just about cold enough to light a fire in the outside fireplace and roast some marshmallows, my favorite!
Happy Friday!

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