Sunday, January 10, 2010

The life of a dog...or at least ours anyway...

The little one trying her hardest to instigate some play.
This can be tough considering the dog is 14 years old and going deaf and blind.
Poor dog just yawns because she is ready for her morning siesta.
Play with me now the little one demands!

What about if I give you a hug? Then will you play with me?
Poor dog is exhausted from all of the activity, she's yawning again!

How about a big kiss?
The dog gives in, its hard not to take kisses from someone so cute!

Later I found the dog sitting alone with the ball.
Little one had given up but had evidently left the ball behind for the dog to play with.

Happy Sunday!


Karen said...

That is the best dog EVER!

Paul said...

Molten Lava cake is amazing! I had it once on a cruise and boy do I miss that. Kids are adorable!