Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just to catch ya'll up...

I have been totally slacking in the blogging department lately. No excuse other than pure laziness! Now that the weather has warmed to sweltering we have been spending a lot of time outside in the baby pool! The little one loves to play in it and it eats up a big chunk of time that we would ordinarily be bored finding an indoor activity!
In other news the garden is still doing fairly well, I haven't managed to kill all of the plants yet! However, every squash and zucchini that has grown has been eaten by our mystery garden pest! I suspect that it is the rat that was living behind our storage building but am not completely positive. The little bastard has not however touched the jalapenos that I now have coming out my eyeballs! Of course the 3 outdoor kitties have obviously not helped fend off the garden pest either...

Pictured above is the laziest of the all, Humpty, sunning himself on the back fireplace, about 6 feet away from where the suspected garden thief is most likely residing! Oh well, I guess my little old lady neighbor was right when she said that I needed to plant enough for both the critters and for us!

Happy Wednesday!

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Eric said...

Hope ur summer is going well! Your kid is so adorable!

Enjoy your week!