Monday, June 1, 2009

Garden Update, etc...

After many days of waiting the garden has almost ripened enough vegetables to actually cook something! As of today I have 2 yellow squashes and 1 zucchini squash that are almost ready to be picked! I also have 3 jalapenos and about a dozen tomato's that will be ready soon. I am so excited that the garden is actually doing fairly well, I have not had great success in the past with my gardening endeavors.

This morning's big excitement was that I took the little one to get her first pair of shoes! We have never really tried to keep shoes on her. About 2 months ago we bought a pair of soft leather bottomed slipper type shoes but did not have much success with those and gave up after the first few times of her pulling them right off.

Her first pair of little sneakers!

Rockin' the new sneaks!

We will see if the new shoes help her walk or make it harder, the test run around the living room before lunch went really well. We will try again outside after nap time!


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Karen said...

She looks so grown up & toddler-like in the new kicks. Very cute!