Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Guilty Party...

I think the pictures pretty much speak for themselves. I discovered the little culprit last night while out watering the rest of the garden. I had suspected the larger than life crickets that live in our area but I now know that it was this creepy crawly and his two friends!

They are tough to spot until there were no leaves to hide behind. Not only did they eat every leaf off the plant but they ate through the first of my tomatoes. I am so mad!!!

These guys are impossible to pry off the plant they are holding onto. I ended up breaking off limbs to remove them because poking them with a stick didn't work! I threw two over the fence but I still have one still attached to a piece of plant sitting on the back steps. I am so tempted to torture him with a magnifying glass in the hot South Carolina sun!

I just don't think I was meant to grow my own produce!

Here is a random picture of the kid from my cel phone
just for fun!
Surprisingly for a cheap phone it takes pretty good photos.
Happy Wednesday!


Karen said...

That bug looks like some sort of Alice in Wonderland dog-insect with a red tail and creepy, creepy, body eyes. Eww! Hope your neighbors enjoy them now :)

Anonymous said...

That critter would actually be beautiful (well, at least your photography skills make it look quite pretty) if it weren't for the fact that it EATS your hard work! Looks exotic -- maybe it's an import. :)

And I love the angle and treatment of Evelyn's pic too.
Hope to see y'all again asap.