Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend Update...

We started our weekend off with a trip to the county fair on Friday night. Since Evelyn is so small going to the fair was really for mommy and daddy this year. Our mission was to stuff ourselves with some calorie laden fair food. I think we definitely succeeded!

Hubby started with a first course of fried mushrooms. Yummy! Mommy got a huge plate of ribbon fries loaded with cheese, sour cream and bacon!!!! MMMMMmmmm! (not pictured because I couldn't get my hands into those fries fast enough!)

We took Evelyn to see the farm animals. I think she was overwhelmed by the lovely smells because she seemed very unimpressed!
I thought the baby pigs were cute though!
After a quick loop around the fair to see all of the rides and to people watch a little we got what we truly went for and headed home...
THE CANDY APPLES!!!!! They didn't last very long after we arrived home, I'm already craving more!

After the sugar high wore off the rest of the weekend was fairly uneventful. Hubby has started another new project, an outdoor fireplace. So after 3 trips to Lowes and about 20 bags of cement I now have what looks to be the beginning of a mausoleum in my backyard! Apparently this is the base of the whole project but I have decided it would be best not to comment further until this project is completed!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


unblinkingeye designs said...

I instantly thought of the Simpson's episode where Homer tries to build a backyard barbeque and makes a huge mess. An art gallery owner sees his mistake as art and gives him a one-man show. Will Kent be the next abstract-sculptor?

Melissa said...

You are so freakin' lucky your hubby can build things. I am jealous. My husband is book smart. DOn't think he could build even a dog house ;) Don't tell him I said it hahaha :)