Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day!

This morning marks a major milestone in our family, it was the first time both hubby and I had voted! We both felt that this years election warranted getting off our butts and casting our vote! Our polling place is conveniently located at the park around the corner from our house. Of course silly me had to mapquest it because as many times as I have ridden by there I never knew that the building out front was a community center!
We arrived around 10am to a fair sized line of people. The picture below shows hubby patiently waiting.
Fortunately, Evelyn was on her best behavior and was excited about helping mommy and daddy vote.

Can you see the excitement on her face? We were very lucky we only had to wait about an hour and 10 minutes for our turn. Everyone in line was very nice, we also ran into our neighbors and several clients from my work. After it was all said and done we of course got our badge of honor, our "I Voted" stickers which mommy and Evelyn show off proudly! Doesn't Evelyn look thrilled!We can't wait for the election results and will be glued to the TV until the results are in! So here's hoping our candidate wins!!!!

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unblinkingeye designs said...

I'm so proud of you all! And, if you get jury duty you can blame me. Congrats on exercising your right to vote!