Monday, September 22, 2008

Such the Slacker!

So its been a week since i've posted anything, i did start this with the intention of posting everyday. Boy, was that unrealistic! It's been kind of a slow week around here not much in the way of excitement. We met with another new doctor, Evelyn's endocrinologist, Dr Paulo. He was super nice, a nice change from the doom and gloom of the opthamologist we had seen. He is young and seemed very knowledgeable about her condition. We will do some blood work on Thursday this week and if all looks good we will not see him again until mid December.

We also had the exterminator come this week. As you all know if you live in the south you are bound to have bugs, that is the nature of this climate. He was also kind enough to tell us we may or may not have mice in the attic. YUCK!!!! There was evidence (poop) but no little critters have shown up in the traps yet. They may have moved on this summer once the attic started to reach temps over 100. I surely hope so but in the meantime i will continue to force hubby to go up in the attic every 2 days to check the traps!!!

This weekend was uneventful, the inlaws came for another visit (i will say no more ), other than i managed to get the lawn mowed and not much else. Thank You hubby for doing such an awesome job cleaning the house!!!! Hope everyone has a great monday! I will try not to be such a slacker when it comes to posting!


unblinkingeye designs said...

How can you post such a sweet mouse photo if you want mice in your attic dead?! I say get MORE cats :)

Melissa said...

Laura-that mouse is SO cute! I am with your sister-make those outside cats have a JOB!