Friday, September 5, 2008

It is what it is...

Yesterday was Evelyn's eye appointment with the specialist. She definitely handled it better than her mommy that's for sure. Even after they dilated her eyes she continued to be a happy girl. Unfortunately there is an issue with her eyes but at least now we have a diagnosis. The opthamologist said she has optic nerve hypoplasia. The extent of her case is still unknown so we will be seeing another specialist later this month for an MRI. It is fortunate that we have good medical care close by at MUSC. For more info on her condition click here

We hope that in her case any abnormalities will be mild and at his point until further test have been run it is what it is and we will continue to love her more and more every day.

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unblinkingeye designs said...

As long as you continue to bring a smile to Evelyn's face, everything will be okay :)