Friday, September 26, 2008

The Longest Hour...

So yesterday was Evelyn's blood work and MRI appointment. It went much smoother that i had anticipated. Evelyn as always was a real trooper. The morning started with blood work at 8. In which the nurse doing her blood work had a real job of trying to find a vein. Babies just don't have the greatest veins for donating blood samples! After the blood draw we were allowed to give her some Pedialyte to drink so she wouldn't get dehydrated before her MRI which wasn't for a few more hours. Surprisingly she drank it right down, but then after all of the excitement she was ready for a nap. So we decided to take a drive around downtown to get her to fall asleep and that way we weren't just sitting in the hospital for 6 hours straight. I fortunately remembered that there is a Bruegger's Bagel downtown so i drove around until i found it. That bagel was truly the highlight of my day. If you have never had a bagel from there you just don't know what you are missing. Beyond yummy!!! Especially if they are warm which mine was yesterday! If there was a Brueggers closer to my house i would probably eat there every day. After the deliciousness of the bagel breakfast it was back to the hospital. Our appointment time was 11:20 which apparently means our real appointment time is 12:20 they just tell you to get you there early so they won't have to wait on you. It was a lot of downtime fortunately Evelyn slept in her stroller until the nurse came and got us. For a pediatric MRI the completely sedate your child but don't let you stay to watch. They allow you to stay while they initially gas them down but then kick you out until the procedure is over. Evelyn was all smiles for the nurses and doctor before they started and only fussed for about 5 seconds when they initially put the mask on her face. It seemed like it was only about 20 seconds before they told us she was out. It was hard to tell since her eyes were still open. Weird. The nurse then said time to go and that they would come get us in an hour. That was the longest hour ever. I can't even tell you how many times I asked hubby what time it was. I don't wear a watch and of course the hospital never puts clocks in their waiting areas. After an hour and 5 minute just before we were about to go crazy the nurse came for us. Everything had gone well and she was up and screaming and ready to eat! What a relief! After a full meal they released her to us with a whole slew of warnings about possible effects of the anesthesia.We hope to get results of the MRI and blood work back quickly. Fortunately other than being rather cranky the rest of the afternoon she seems fine today and luckily for mom and dad she slept the whole night! There is nothing like 8 hours sleep in a row!

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