Sunday, September 14, 2008

Now I Know...

Now I know why my parents didn't take us on many vacations! Hubby and I decided it would be fun to pack up and go on a mini vacation over the weekend to Savannah. A little rest and relaxation to do us some good! Boy were we wrong! To start with, for such a little girl Evelyn had a ton of luggage, an entire suitcase to herself, the bouncy chair, the pack and play crib and a big bag of toys. Mommy and daddy together had one small suitcase! Savannah is only 2 hours away so the drive itself was not bad at all however due to mommy's excellent use of map quest we drove an extra 20 miles to find our hotel!!! The hotel was practically brand new so that made me happy (less germs!) and we had booked a suite so that there would be plenty of room for all of baby's things. After settling in at the hotel we drove into downtown Savannah to have dinner. What we didn't realize was that there is alot of stairs and cobblestone streets to navigate. The stroller definitely was the wrong way to go! After dinner we strolled around a bit and then headed back to the hotel for a good nights rest... so we thought! After the normal hour of sour, Evelyn went to bed only to wake up at midnight and again at 2:30 am all out of sorts. So she slept with mommy until 6:45am! Like her mommy she apparently prefers her own bed to hotel rooms! So after a hearty Waffle House breakfast off we went to downtown Savannah, this time we opted not to take the stroller. Keep in mind the temperature was in the low 90's and Evelyn is up to @ 14 lbs now. Needless to say we ended up going back to the car and retrieving the stroller. That afternoon we decided to ride over to Tybee Island. Only thanks again to Mommy's good sense of direction and awesome map skills we took the long cut adding and extra 35 minutes to the drive! We had lunch at a restaurant overlooking the beach which would have been really nice except mommy was really cranky by then and baby was getting fussy due to her feeding schedule being off! So after everyone was fed and in better moods we decided it would be fun to check out the historic lighthouse. So after arriving there (after circling the island for a little while) the nice man that worked there warned us it was 176 steps up to the top!!! We laughed, that didn't seem like that many! Mommy started carrying baby but halfway up daddy stepped in, mommy couldn't hack it! The view was great but we were pooped! After all of that activity we thought we could end the day with a nice dinner! After showers ( you get VERY sweaty climbing lighthouses!) we headed out to a nice restaurant close to our hotel. After ordering and daddy's salad course, baby decided she had had enough! MELTDOWN!!! Needless to say to the relief of our waiter it became a to go order enjoyed from our hotel room! All the while we listened to hour of sour for our dinner entertainment! Evelyn did better the second night only waking up once at 3:30am and after 30 minutes we did end up getting her back to sleep in her own bed! So needless to say it was a good learning experience about traveling with a little one! Lesson learned... think twice! :)

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